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Deep-sea dives akin to being in a Star Trek adventure: Ecologist Jon Copley

Hindustan Times 31 Jul 2021
It’s been just over 80 years since Man began to explore the seabed at depths beyond 1,000 metres. There have now been deep-sea explorations to nearly 11,000 m, within the Mariana Trench (the bottom of which constitutes the deepest known point on Earth) ... * How far back does this kind of exploration go?.

Warning over start of commercial-scale deep-sea mining

Phys Dot Org 29 Jul 2021
Writing in the journal Frontiers in Marine Science, researchers from the University of Exeter, Greenpeace Research Laboratories and Globelaw challenge the need for deep seabed mining and highlight the risks to ecosystems and biodiversity that would arise from commercial mining activities ... Explore further.

Digging up the ocean floor for metals could prove disastrous

Live Mint 25 Jul 2021
As this company prepares to go public, it’s touting seabed mining as a green alternative to land-based mineral extraction—and potentially a hugely lucrative business ... In 1994, the International Seabed Authority was established to regulate mining efforts and protect the seabed environment ... So far, it has only handed out permits for exploration.

Huge Jurassic seabed uncovered in Cotswolds quarry

Phys Dot Org 22 Jul 2021
Sally said, "We were looking for new sites to explore once lockdown ended ... We now need to carefully explore these blocks to discover the most scientifically important specimens and prepare them for public display ... Explore further ... Huge Jurassic seabed uncovered in Cotswolds quarry ...

California’s electric car revolution, designed to save the planet, also unleashes a toll on it

The Los Angeles Times 21 Jul 2021
The urgency with which his company and a handful of others are moving to start scraping the seabed for these materials alarms oceanographers and advocates, who warn they are literally in uncharted waters ... Extraction companies are exploring several more potential sites in Nevada, and looking to dig in Arkansas, North Carolina and other states.

Explained: India launches deep ocean mission; what is seabed mining and its challenges

Yahoo Daily News 08 Jul 2021
To begin with, the mission will seek to develop the technologies required for exploring and, then, extracting minerals in the deep seabed ... The Centre said that "exploration studies of minerals will pave the way for commercial exploitation in the near future, as and when ...

In brief: news from around the Pacific

RNZ 05 Jul 2021
He said "Given Bougainville's unfortunate mining-related history, and the recent fatal incidents at two current exploration sites, the government is going to be cautious in its approach to mineral exploration." ... The Cook Islands is considering four exploration licence applications to mine the nation's polymetallic nodule resources.

Is it time to begin rewilding the seas?

The Observer 04 Jul 2021
Kneeling on the seabed a few metres underwater, I pick up a clam and begin gently cleaning its furrowed, porcelain smile with a toothbrush. It’s a giant clam but a young one and still just a handful ... Photograph. John De Mello/Alamy ... He says ... True Tales of Exploring the Deep Sea, Discovering Hidden Life and Selling the Seabed (Bloomsbury Sigma, £16.99) ... .

Naura puts UN on two-year deadline to make deep-sea mining rules

Mining Dot Com 02 Jul 2021
The ISA, headquartered in Jamaica, has drawn up regulations on exploration, but has yet to establish the rules for exploitation needed for mining to go ahead ... The report authored by six academics said deep seabed mining was a “sustainability conundrum.” ... The exploration contract is held by NORI, but DeepGreen Metals has exclusive access to the area.

Deep sea mining by 2023 gets green light in Pacific

RNZ 30 Jun 2021
Deep sea mining has got a green light to begin in the Pacific by 2023 after Nauru triggered a rule at the International Seabed Authority ... But amid growing interest in polymetallic nodules on the seabed, several Pacific countries, including Nauru, have already sponsored exploration licences for deep sea mining companies.

'Icelandia': Is Iceland the tip of a vast, sunken continent?

Phys Dot Org 30 Jun 2021
Professor Foulger is a world-leading geologist whose research has contributed to mapping the geological composition of the seabed in relation to continental land masses ... if scientists can prove that the seabed is a submerged extension of the continental landmass ... Explore further.

LET'S REMINISCE: Should we start mining the ocean floor?

Herald Democrat 29 Jun 2021
So I was surprised to learn that valuable ores can be mined from the seabeds of the world ... In the summer of 1974, a drillship purportedly belonging to Howard Hughes—the Hughes Glomar Explorer—anchored north of Midway Atoll, attempting to collect nodules from the seabed west of Baja California ... to explore.

Nauru urged to reverse deep sea mining push

RNZ 28 Jun 2021
Governments in several regional countries - Cook Islands, Tonga, Kiribati and Nauru - have sponsored exploration contracts for companies hoping to mine the deepest parts of the Pacific seabed for polymetallic nodules ... Furthermore, Pacific civil society groups are calling for the ISA to pause issuing new exploration contracts in international seas.

Beachgoers taught good etiquette during low tide at Changi Beach

Straits Times 27 Jun 2021
Dawn had not yet broken at 6am yesterday but people were already out on the mudflats of Changi Beach, exploring the area at low tide. As they peered into tiny holes in the seabed and sought marine creatures among the seagrass, volunteers and staff from the National Parks Board (NParks) kept a close watch.